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We help our clients have amazing investment experiences.

Partnering with our wealth advisory team will help you earn more over time

Together, we will create a unique and customized portfolio solution that is designed to meet your short and long term objectives and needs. This personalized strategic plan, along with our guidance will provide a clear pathway to achieving financial independence.

We use “best practice” client relationship and portfolio management processes

Components of this process include thorough Know Your Client (KYC) and investment policy statement (IPS) updates, regular performance reviews, client fairness rules, and transparent cost reporting. This meticulous “best practice” approach helps produce better results and a much better client experience.

Markets are uncertain, but our investment strategy isn’t

We build scientific-based, low-cost, globally diversified equity portfolios which provide Canadian, U.S., International and Emerging market equity exposure. Diversifying by asset class, geography, industry sector, and currency is one of the best forms of risk management and a trademark of successful investing.

We invest for the long-term

We believe capitalism works and that companies, on average, will continue to generate returns for their shareholders. Patient and disciplined investors will be rewarded by broad stock market appreciation. Investors should add to their portfolios regularly and add more when markets fall. Overall asset allocation to fixed income should be reconsidered as retirement nears, and assets should be moved to cash only when it is needed for spending.

We design portfolios to include a higher proportion (tilt) of small and value companies 

A portfolio “tilt” is industry slang for an investment strategy that overweighs a particular investment style. Evidence has shown that by ‘tilting’ a broadly diversified equity portfolio to small-cap stocks and value stocks has historically delivered higher returns than the stock market. Overweighting (tilting) is always done with the expectation of achieving a higher return than the market, investor patience is however required to fully capture the value and small cap premiums over long-term periods.

We use asset class investments

From the standpoint of a long-term investor, a “loss” can be considered the possibility of having money permanently disappear. This can happen in a bond or an individual stock. Therefore, we use broadly diversified asset class vehicles to build portfolios. A diversified portfolio of asset class vehicles will almost never incur a permanent loss other than due to the behaviour of the investor holding or managing it. A diversified portfolio cannot avoid periods of loss, but these periodic declines are more likely to be ‘drawdowns’ as opposed to permanent losses. Speculating heavily on a small amount of investments is a risk that does not pay enough to justify taking.

We will rebalance your portfolio regularly

We will rebalance your portfolio regularly to ensure that it is in line with your long-term target allocation. Our process helps us control portfolio risk, provides us the opportunity to buy “low”, reduce volatility, and increase your returns.

Focus on what you can control

Evidence has shown that no one can reliably forecast the market’s direction or predict which stock or investment manager will outperform. We will not attempt to shift asset classes or change your long-term target allocation based on trying to predict business cycles. Our financial advisory team will help you create a plan and focus on actions that add value by applying practices that improve the reliability of outcomes. 

Humans are poorly wired for disciplined investing

When people follow their natural instincts, they tend to apply faulty reasoning to investing. People struggle to separate their emotions and cognitive biases from their investment decisions. Investors that follow a reactive cycle of excessive optimism and fear may lead to poor decisions at the worst times. .

We will not engage in any form of speculation

We will not speculate with any portion of your investments. This will protect you and your portfolio.

We believe in minimizing unnecessary costs in your portfolio

We strive to minimize expenses (direct, indirect and tax related) associated with the management of your portfolio. Studies have shown that lower expenses and increased tax efficiencies will increase pre and post-tax long-term returns for investors.

We believe in empowering our clients through knowledge

Relationships with our clients exemplify a dynamic, ongoing process having no end points, only continuous connections between objectives and constraints to portfolio monitoring and evaluation. Knowledge leads to understanding of vital financial, economic, and behavioural concepts which fosters deeper client engagement and a more successful investment experience.