Fee-based advice

The client’s own interest is paramount

We must act for the benefit of our clients and place our clients’ interests before our own interests. A Fee-Only financial advisor charges clients directly for his or her advice and/or ongoing management. No other financial incentive is provided, directly or indirectly, by any other institution. We are agnostic to the ‘brand’ of investments that are held within clients’ portfolios and we pursue only those that produce the best solution for our clients. We add value to our clients’ through our investment philosophy, strategy, process, transparency and continual guidance.

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Putting our clients first

A client’s interest always come first. It means that we must act with reasonable care and exercise prudent judgement. We must also:

  • Manage client assets in accordance with the terms and conditions of the governing documents, such as the Investment Policy Statement and Managed Account Agreement.
  • When managing a client’s portfolio to a specific mandate or style, only take investment actions that are consistent with the stated objectives and constraints of the portfolio.
  • Deal fairly and objectively with all clients when providing investment analysis, making investment decisions, taking investment action, or engaging in other professional activities.
  • Judge the suitability and make investment decisions in the context of the client’s total portfolio.
  • Communicate fair, accurate, and complete investment performance information regularly.

Richardson Wealth embraces fiduciary excellence

First wealth management firm in Canada to earn Centre for Fiduciary Excellence Certification for our Separately Managed and Portfolio Management Account platforms.

At Richardson Wealth, we aspire to achieve the highest standards of integrity, transparency and best practices in managing the wealth of our clients. There has never been a time in the financial industry where wealth management firms must work more diligently to earn clients’ trust. Countries such as Great Britain, Australia and the U.S. are proactively pursuing fiduciary standards of care. Richardson Wealth has taken a leadership position in Canada in this regard, and signaled to the industry its commitment in setting standards and best practices for the firm while providing clients with a true strategic partner and fiduciary.



What is a fiduciary

The word 'fiduciary' comes from the Latin word 'fiducia' meaning 'trust'. It refers to a person (or a business such as a bank or an Investment Advisory firm) who has the power and obligation to act for another under circumstances that require total trust, good faith and honesty.

Characteristically, the fiduciary has greater knowledge and expertise about the matters being handled. A fiduciary is held to the highest standards of conduct and trust. They must avoid self-dealing or situations in which the potential benefit to the fiduciary is in conflict with what is best for the person who placed trust in them.


Richardson Wealth – setting the standard for excellence

This esteemed annual certification program ensures that Richardson Wealth’s Portfolio Management Account platform for those advisors who have complete control over investment decisions for their clients and the firm’s Separately Managed Account platform conform to the global fiduciary standards of excellence. Richardson Wealth is the first Canadian firm to achieve designation for our Separately Managed and Portfolio Management Account platforms.

By undertaking a voluntary certification by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) as Richardson Wealth has done, and having an ongoing, independent, third-party, rigorous assessment process to audit our practices, clients can feel confident that the trust they are placing in our firm is warranted.