Our services

What we offer is simple: a comprehensive, goal-based financial planning solution. How we deliver that solution is unique and disciplined; drawing from both old-fashioned experience and sophisticated systems and technology.

Your financial plan is developed and maintained through a proven process. The highlights being:

A Deep understanding of you. The first step in our process is to fully understand your current situation and financial goals. We document this discussion to make sure we’ve got it right. Then we meet frequently (in most cases quarterly) to make sure:

1. You’re on track to meet your goals, and

2. We capture any changes in your situation and/or financial goals.

A complementary skilled team. It doesn’t make sense to us to have a large group all with the same skills and experience. We put together a team with well-diversified skills and experience to draw from. A team that is extraordinarily unique in the industry. See how our team is different.

Best products. We believe it’s very difficult for one financial or investment product to deliver a comprehensive solution so we choose the best available. If we can’t find what we need we develop it ourselves. Then we use technology to bring it all together.

Services Integration. We provide you access to vetted professionals in areas like insurance and estate planning to make sure all facets of your financial plan are taken care of. If you have a team of trusted advisors we will work with them to the same end.

Actively Managed Portfolios. We use a mix of experience, analysis (macroeconomics, fundamental, qualitative, etc.) and quantitative methods to develop a sophisticated portfolio for your situation and goals. Our independent analysis drives optimal security selection – we do not have in-house products we are mandated to use.

We are also skilled and experienced in venture finance. This component involves financings, initial public offerings (IPOs), private equity, proprietary products that are not usually accessible to the general public. These securities are generally included in a portfolio to meet a very specialized need or goal.