Our services

Comprehensive wealth management

We advise individuals, families, corporations, entrepreneurs, and foundations. Our clients stay informed on the status of their investments online any time, through our secure account login system. Keeping capital preservation and tax minimization top of mind, our activities divide into three main areas of focus, depending on needs and proclivities: managed money, traditional transactional service, and fixed income investing.  

Managed money. Most clients prefer steady, predictable rates of return and wish to reduce their vulnerability to market downturns while obtaining the greatest value at the lowest cost. We believe large wrap programs are usually the best vehicles to achieve this, as they offer wide diversification, added value and bulk rates. The best wraps give you access to the world’s finest money managers, who are diligently monitored through active analysis. These programs offset several different management styles for further protection, and are extremely stable as trillions of dollars stand behind them.

Competitive asset-based fee. Rather than paying a brokerage commission every time your portfolio requires maintenance, we charge a single, competitive fee based on the asset balance in your portfolio. This allows us to focus solely on what is right for you and your portfolio rather than the costs of transactions.

Transactional service. Some clients enjoy actively researching companies and speculating on which ones will yield the best return. We provide them with cutting edge research and investment counsel, resulting in more enlightened decisions.  

Fixed income. When a steady flow of reliable income is a priority, we tailor a portfolio precisely to your expectation of regular returns and a low-risk quotient to achieve them. We invest in structured income instruments such as bonds, T-bills, GICs, and preferred shares, and monitor them diligently. Taking a proactive stance, we react and rebalance swiftly to address economic cycles.  

Financial planning. Bridging the gap between your lifestyle needs and goals and your financial resources available, this life-long process assists you and your family in taking control of your financial future. By setting goals, developing and implementing strategies, and monitoring progress regularly, the likelihood of achieving your objectives is greatly increased.

Insurance analysis. We ensure that when a death, disability or critical illness occurs, there is sufficient income and capital to cover the costs and cash flow needs for the surviving family members.