Understanding your wealth. Planning for your future.

Where do you see yourself in five years? In ten years? And how will your wealth help you get there? It’s knowing the answers to these questions that lets you plan for the unexpected – because life is full of unexpected, perspective-changing moments.

That’s our expertise: anticipating change and working alongside our clients – whether they’re busy professionals or business-owning families – to put together a plan that will weather the challenging times and help you enjoy the good times. One that looks at what defines you now and what you hope will define you in the future.

Twenty years of experience in the financial sector has taught us that all elements of your financial affairs – your portfolio, insurance, and tax planning – don't exist in a vacuum. They influence one another and flow together. And in order to make them work, it requires a coordinated effort through integrated planning.

We connect the pieces by liaising with your team of outside support from accounting to legal and leveraging our own team of in-house tax and estate planning professionals and the Richardson Wealth Private Family Office to provide unparalleled support, planning, advice and resources.

We build a plan that understands where you’re going and helps you get there.

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Tax & Estate Planning


Learn about strategies to help protect and enhance your wealth from our Tax & Estate Planning professionals.

New trust reporting rules proposed for this year

If you oversee a trust and have not been required to file T3 trust income tax and information returns with the Canada Revenue Agency in the past, you should be aware of the new federal reporting rules. Read this article for key information.

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Market research


Get the latest market insights and trends from our internal research experts.

21 June 2021
Normal is gaining momentum
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14 June 2021
Whistling by the graveyard
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June 2021
Investor Strategy: Commodity Supercycle - Unlikely
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