Our process

The Hall O’Brien Wealth Counsel follows a disciplined process to help you stay on track to achieve your goals. Whatever your vision of prosperity, we use the following approach to manage your wealth:

Before working with us, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with us to ensure you feel comfortable with The Hall O’Brien Wealth Counsel approach, our value-proposition and our investment philosophy. We’ll also make sure your circumstances and needs are within our capabilities to address.

1. Discovery. 2. Onboarding. 3. Implementation. 4. Monitoring

Begin the process of uncovering goals specific to financing activites you enjoy with the people you care about so that you can amass the wealth to achieve your vision of your life.

Gather the data and information to develop your financial and estate plans.

Risk analysis (risk of premature death, loss of income, disability, health impairment, capacity) to mitigate the risks of an unforeseen event taking you off-track from your goals.


Bring you onboard and present our proposal on how to manage your wealth.

Design a potfolio to support achieving the financial plan.


We will assess the recommended revisions to your portfolio and determine the costs and tax implications associated with implementing our suggested portfolio.

Assist with implementation of Powers of Attorney and estate plans.


We will continuously monitor your progress in the wealth creation process and address any issues that arise as a result of changes in your life.

We provide quarterly performance reports, reporting your personalized rate of return , net of fees, and recommended adjustments/rebalancing of your portfolio.

We meet annually to conduct a full review of your financial, estate and insurance plans as well as a thorough portfolio review.