Why choose us?

At first glance, all financial advisors appear to have the same expertise, to offer the same services at the same price.
The savvy investor knows that this is not at all the case.

  1. Stability and reputation of the firm. Since its creation in 2003, Richardson Wealth has become a leading independent Wealth Management firm in Canada with over $30 billion of assets under management.  

  2. Unbiased advice. Our Advisors are never pressured or compensated differently to offer in-house services and products as part of their wealth management recommendations.

  3. Experienced team in all asset classes, notably alternative investments: hedge funds, covered puts selling strategies, real estate funds, private equity funds, life settlement funds and private placements that are not widely available at bank-owned firms.

  4. Proven investment process.

  5. Access to Specialized investments such as:
      a.    Short-term commercial mortgages fund (stable return with low correlation to interest rate and the stock market)
      b.    Private placement and/or IPO in the cannabis sector (theme: emerging industry worldwide)

  6. Tax reduction:
      a.    Our tax knowledge of investment vehicles allows us to optimize the planning of your tax specialist at the portfolio level
      b.    With an investment in flow-through shares with immediate liquidity

  7. Philanthropy. Technique to double the size of your donation at no additional cost.

  8. Children’s financial education.  We offer an introduction class on portfolio management for our clients’ children. Protect your wealth longer term by giving them the opportunity to learn the basics of investing.