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Investing in a sustainable future

More and more, investors are concerned about environmental, social and governance issues. We believe that integrating sustainable investing in portfolio construction can help investors build lasting wealth

In order to reflect the values and beliefs of our clients, environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are an integral part of the investment policy that provides the guidelines for our investment decisions for each client. Sustainable investing naturally provides less exposure to sectors most vulnerable to environmental policy changes. Among other things, it can help investors mitigate risk related to the transition to renewable energy sources. The size of the investment funds that we work with allows their managers to engage directly with the management of companies and their vote can influence decisions conducive to a more sustainable economy.

We support the development of local expertise in sustainable investing and finance. We are aware of the current lack of standardization and reporting transparency regarding ESG metrics. The ESG industry is still evolving and will continue to adapt to new regulations as they are passed. ESG issues are reshaping investment strategies, and we do our best to invest your money where it will create genuine value over the long term.