Our approach

An integrated approach portfolio management, tax and estate planning

A meeting with one of our Portfolio Managers, our Tax Lawyer and Insurance Specialist will help us understand your situation and give you sound advice regarding managing your portfolio as well as establishing your financial, tax and estate planning. 

Portfolio management — our investment process

  1. Understanding your personal situation

    We will work with you and your advisors to develop an understanding of your situation.

    A. Review client investment objectives: performance target, time horizon, income needs and risk tolerance
    B. Establish long term asset allocation

  2. Review existing portfolio

    A. Review current asset allocation with proposed long term asset allocation
    B. Analysis of securities and investment funds
    C. Tax implications (capital gain or loss) as a result of the recommended investments (new proposal)

  3. Portfolio proposal

  4. Portfolio monitoring

  5. Performance reporting

Financial, tax and estate planning

Planning process

  1. Initial meeting to gather information regarding the client’s financial, legal and family situation

  2. Establishment of a financial plan including retirement projections.

  3. Establishment of an estate plan (including the review of the Will, shareholders agreement, mandate in case of incapacity and general power of attorney). 

  4. Recommendations with regard to tax planning (including the creation of family trusts, the establishment of holding companies, the incorporation of  a professional practice, estate freezes and the establishment of structures to minimize or eliminate U.S. estate tax).

Insurance — analysis of existing policies

  1. Detailed review of the insurance contract portfolio. 

  2. Based on the requirements established in the estate plan, presentation of strategies ensuring the preservation or enhancement of your assets

  3. Depending on your interest, presentation of strategies integrating personal or corporate planned giving.