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Investing in alternatives

By not taking alternative investments into consideration, we believe that investors miss out on interesting opportunities to diversify and improve the risk-return profile of their portfolios.

Alternative investments refer to all investments outside long positions in traditional assets like stocks and bonds. They include private debt, private equity, hedge funds, real estate, infrastructure, and natural resources. Once the preserve of large institutional investors, these investments are becoming more and more accessible to retail investors. We believe that redirecting a part of your portfolio toward alternative assets can afford significant benefits. Above all, as most of these assets have a low correlation to traditional assets, they offer increased portfolio diversification. Then, depending on the asset, they can provide a reliable income stream, a high risk-adjusted return, or a hedge against inflation. 

Our deep commitment to finding creative ways to deploy your capital has allowed us over the years to acquire a vast experience with non-traditional investments. We deal only with top alternative asset managers and have done so for more than 15 years. Before recommending this asset class, the advisor must validate certain points with the investor, for instance, his liquidity needs.