Building the best customized wealth management plans. 

Your ambitions are your greatest strength. Making those goals a reality is mine.

Innovative, transparent and productive investing cannot happen without a strong advisor-client partnership. I employ sophisticated strategies to minimize risk and ensure steady returns. Before making recommendations, I consider risk management measures through a proven three-step process:

Step 1: Developing a thorough understanding of client circumstances, preferences, risk tolerance, investment horizons, and goals 
Step 2: Conducting extensive research into the markets
Step 3: Executing personalized asset and investment selection with low correlation to the markets and/or high tracking errors relative to the markets, either through investing in a combination of long/short positions, rigorous stop loss targets, or other means

After taking the necessary time to build a complete picture of your individual needs, I develop the most efficient and effective solutions possible based on your customized financial plan. I’ll explain how we will make the most of things we can control and protect you from those external elements we can’t. At all times, I work hard to demystify the investment process and report your portfolio returns in terms that will help you understand your own success. Because over time, your needs may change — but my commitment to protecting your wealth won’t.

I take great pride in being highly responsive and invite all my clients to be in contact at any time with questions or concerns. I also maintain ongoing communication with my clients through quarterly reporting and annual reviews. It’s never the wrong time to ask:

  • Is my income meeting my cash flow needs?

  • Is my asset mix appropriate, given my risk tolerance?

  • Is my portfolio well designed to maximize tax advantages?

  • Do I understand my investments?

  • Are my accounts registered properly for estate planning purposes?

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