Managing risk. Exceeding expectations. 

Disciplined, sophisticated investing that will protect and grow your wealth.

My approach is always goal-based. By understanding your circumstances, needs, and financial planning priorities, I offer investment strategy recommendations and will build a diversified, tax-efficient portfolio to capitalize on the best investment opportunities for you. Drawing on a mix of experience, analysis and quantitative methods, I strive to deliver comprehensive, whole-wealth plans that will best serve your needs over the long term.

I approach investing with an emphasis on protecting your assets in case things go wrong, rather than pursuing high returns at any cost. By focusing on downside protection rather than chasing returns in a hot market, I aim to ensure complete peace of mind for my clients.

My goal is to achieve steady absolute returns with low volatility rather than relative outperformance, and to preserve your capital for the long term, regardless of market conditions. Risk management and sophisticated portfolio construction are essential components of my services, and my approach is essentially that of a risk manager: my mission is always to maximize investment opportunities while mitigating risk and tax.

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