Our client service promise

  • Through deep discovery and ongoing rediscovery, we focus on the seven essential areas in your life and your finances that really matter: values, goals, relationships, assets, advisors, contact and interests

  • Determine your financial vision for your family, legacy, health, lifestyle, travel, life events

  • Interactive sessions to create the best collaborative plan for you

  • Determine your cash flow and needs

  • Produce tax effective withdrawal and contribution strategies

  • Identify both qualitative and financial goals

  • Document all your financial affairs to protect you and your family: wills, power of attorney, personal directives, insurance, health, etc.

  • Work with your professionals and our professional network board to provide you with comprehensive integrated solutions that:

    • protect your wealth, while enhancing it

    • pass your wealth on effectively to the next generation

    • provide clarity for business succession

    • maximize the impact of charitable giving during and after your life

Tax planning
  • Develop tax effective portfolios, income streams, withdrawal strategies

  • Proactive tax planning with your professionals to mitigate taxes

  • Document and summarize important personal tax information for planning

  • Document and summarize important corporate tax information for planning

  • Provide a comprehensive tax package to your tax professional

  • Create your optimal asset allocation based on your risk tolerance

  • Design model portfolios that maximize return while minimizing risk

  • Design open architecture portfolios to access the best in class managers

  • Managers are selected to both grow and protect your capital

  • Ongoing due diligence of all managers

  • Ongoing rebalancing of portfolios to manage risk and enhance returns

  • Provide ongoing portfolio reviews to keep you informed

  • Dedicated and experienced team of four professionals with a combined 50+ years of experience

  • Monthly and quarterly portfolio statements and daily online access

  • Quarterly market updates

  • Quarterly portfolio reviews

  • Annual planning sessions that:

    • Enhance relationship development

    • Update your financial progress

    • Update your financial plan to ensure you’re on track

    • Provide recommendations and rebalance only when required

    • Inform you through educational sessions

    • Review and assess all your investment managers for both performance and risk mitigation

    • Review your wealth management summary

    • Address the advanced planning you need to enhance your wealth, protect it, ensure proper transfer as well as maximizing the impact of your charitable contributions


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