Best Life Series

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Boost your efficiency and effectiveness


It can be easier than you might think to boost your efficiency and effectiveness — at the office and at home. This could mean a smoother path to doing what needs to be done so you can cultivate a happier, more fulfilling life. Here's how to make it happen.

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Planned giving


Planned giving will help you do well by doing good — providing meaningful financial support to causes that you care about while potentially giving you sizable tax breaks that boost your bottom line. Check out this guide to eight planned giving strategies that some wealthy families and business owners use to maximize their charitable giving.

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Help heirs with family wealth


The task of transferring ownership and control of your wealth to multiple family members can be fraught with interpersonal land mines capable of effectively destroying that wealth. The solution: smart family governance that aligns your family members’ values and goals.

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Woman meditating

Why you should consider meditation


Meditation can help our brains and our bodies in ways that empower us to make better decisions and tap into our creativity. No wonder it’s so popular. Here’s how to make meditation work for you.

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Man with child and laptop at table

Finding the right work-life balance


Stop trying to find the time for the things that give us pleasure in life — and start making that time. Check out these savvy ways to actively create the type of meaningful, fulfilling life that eludes so many of us.

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Build healthier habits


Just because we know what to do to improve ourselves doesn’t mean we take action, does it? The good news: we’ve got four ways to knock down the obstacles in your path to living your best life!

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Grandfather and grandson in a wheat field

Update your estate plan


The estate plan is an important tool to help assign your wealth transfer goals and wishes. It should be reviewed and updated every three years. Learn how to update or improve your estate plan with this Best Life Series article.

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Making philanthropy a family affair


Learn about the great impacts, both socially and on your loved ones, philanthropy can have.

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Multigenerational women autumn

Preparing heirs for their inheritance


Are your heirs ready to deal with wealth you may be planning to pass on to them someday? Inheritors often struggle with their windfalls in ways that can be hazardous to their health and their wealth. Find out how the affluent prepare their heirs for inheritance.

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Multigenerational family sitting on a hill

Multigenerational living


More adults are housing both their parents and their children — all under one roof! Check out the pluses and minuses of having your entire family share close quarters — and smart moves that can make this potentially thorny situation run smoothly — from a pro who has been there.

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Woman in a canoe

Ten lessons about grief


We will all deal with tremendous pain and grief at various points in our lives. How we get through those times will set the stage for the level of peace and happiness we reach going forward. Here are ten strategies that can help you overcome the worst that life may throw your way.

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Senior couple outdoors

Life insurance basics


The life insurance landscape can be tricky to understand and navigate. Here’s a primer to get you on your way.

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Work from home successfully


Discover how to be a successful at-home worker, and the habits and strategies for maximizing your work-from-home effectiveness.

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Personal development and success


Here are six smart ways to invest in yourself so that you can build the life you most want.

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Power of the pen


Looking to leave a legacy that heirs will understand? Consider writing a book about the things you value most so your heirs are enlightened when the time comes.

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