Machel Group Musings

RIP Daniel Kahneman - Long Live Behavioural Economics

Published by Craig Machel on Apr 01, 2024

What was I thinking? Perhaps you have asked yourself this rhetorical question at some stage while pondering the results of a poorly conceived investment decision. Daniel Kahneman would have been able to provide insight around this question for you. Kahneman... Read more
Centurion REIT - Virtual Fireside Discussion

Published by Craig Machel on Mar 28, 2024

It was a pleasure to speak with Greg Romundt, Founder and CEO of Centurion Asset Management. Our conversation was focused on the current status and future outlook of the multi-family focused apartment sector generally and Centurion REIT specifically.... Read more
Remembering Charlie Munger

Published by Craig Machel on Dec 29, 2023

As we typically do as the current calendar is soon to be replaced by a new one, our thoughts hark back to those that we lost in 2023. The investment world lost a great one on November 28, 2023 when Charlie Munger left us and the board of Berkshire Hathaway... Read more
Moderating the AIMA Private Credit Panel

Published by Craig Machel on Oct 30, 2023

Last Thursday I had the privilege of moderating a panel discussion for AIMA (Alternative Investment Management Association) focused on the growing private credit sector. Together with experts in this field, we provided insight into why the private credit... Read more
IPO Market - A Shot in the Arm

Published by Craig Machel on Sep 15, 2023

Through the prior two years or so, very few companies and no notable companies have stepped up to complete an initial public offering (IPO). Instead, companies have remained private while their valuations have broadly declined, partially due to borrowing... Read more
Back to School – Rent Costs Are Up Again

Published by Craig Machel on Sep 15, 2023

Prior to Labour Day weekend, I had the pleasure of packing up the car with school supplies and sporting gear, food and toiletries, numerous hoodies as well as boxes of yet to be assembled furniture including all sorts of screws and fasteners (none were... Read more
Private vs. Public Equities

Published by Craig Machel on Sep 14, 2022

Private securities, whether equity or real estate or debt, offers investors a differentiated asset with compelling risk/reward benefits. We include private assets for potentially strong returns, inflation protection and short-term volatility protection... Read more
How alternatives passed the 2020 test

Published by Craig Machel on Dec 09, 2020

As we close out 2020, we can look back and see that alternatives have proven their value and have passed the litmus test. Better portfolios include more than stocks and bonds, How alternatives passed the 2020 test Read more