Our vision

Becoming my client

With a clear vision, we focus on providing discretionary portfolio management and venture capital opportunities to successful professionals, business owners and affluent families. Many of our clients enjoy a hands-on involvement in the investment process, and many have asked us to help them invest their inheritances.

Keeping our clientele small and select, we maintain a very high level of personal service and attention and earn deep trust. We act as our clients’ single point of contact and liaise with their team of professional advisors, such as lawyers, accountants, tax specialists and estate planners, or recommend proven people from our network of trusted contacts.   

Communication will be frequent and we will always have at least one annual meeting face-to-face to review your circumstances, needs and goals in depth. Meetings will always have a focused agenda, which records our conversation for future reference.

Our strength is dissecting balance sheets and gathering research—both our own and that of Richardson Wealth’s research analysts—and interpreting this data to help people achieve what they want from life. Working one-on-one with people is what drives us every day, so we choose our clients with discretion and take on new investors through personal referrals only.