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Diverse investment options

With a background in finance and financial analysis plus a love of working with people to help them achieve their life goals, we offer expertise in a wide and unique range of investments. While we customize each portfolio to suit unique circumstances and preferences, the core of most portfolios are top-tier, dividend-bearing securities and Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) accounts. The other third is often an exploratory component, featuring resource stocks (of particular interest to investors with more than $250,000 to invest), laddered bonds, new issues, and other alternative investments.

Portfolio management. Discretionary wealth management frees you from the pressure of making investment decisions. For time-strapped professionals, we can act quickly when opportunities arise, free of roadblocks such as waiting for returned phone calls and the distraction of trading costs. Our clients hold their securities individually, which means that they are able to see the immediate impact of the stocks’ performance on their portfolios.

Triple Five Portfolios. We have designed and continually manage our own balanced Triple Five Portfolios. One is a Canadian equity portfolio of 15 key stocks and the other is a US portfolio of 20 stocks. In Canada, a dozen stocks usually provide ample diversification, our portfolio goes beyond this in combining 15. In our US portfolio, we combine 20 stocks, reflecting the deeper market in the US. These portfolios are nimble enough to monitor and adjust proactively in today’s fast-paced, volatile market environment. They are our own combination of securities that can be customized according to each client’s unique parameters. We use a sophisticated portfolio construction tool that provides research and earnings models and identifies stocks that yield above-average dividends to generate income while we wait for long-term appreciation. These funds are named Triple Five because the strategy is to hold five momentum, five growth and five income stocks.

Investment banking. We structure investment banking deals to present unique investment opportunities to my risk-tolerant, growth-oriented clients.