Our services

A simple and straightforward approach

Step 1: Understanding. Through in-depth discussion and financial analysis I come to understand your overall situation: time horizon, risk tolerance, income tax, estate planning, goals, and expectations.
Step 2: Planning. I make recommendations that suit your circumstances and retirement goals. The recommendations are based on your financial requirements and your personality, not our product list. You will soon appreciate our service and communication commitments and what to expect from us.
Step 3: Implementing. Your investment portfolio is constructed to align with your risk and return objectives, while incorporating estate planning and tax saving strategies where applicable. Your portfolio will be constructed using a combination of treasury-bills, bonds, stocks, preferred shares, RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs, TFSAs, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, corporate debentures, index funds, limited partnerships, GICs, etc. I make recommendations, while you maintain control over the decisions being made. You and I will choose your investments without relying on external third-party managers unless you so wish.

Step 4: Reviewing. We continually monitor your investments and, when necessary, rebalance to enhance performance. I keep clients informed and organized with regard to their investments. Held at your convenience, personal meetings will help us determine if our strategies continue to meet your financial needs. I commit to meeting at least once a year, or more often if requested, to ensure your profile and the financial engineering accurately reflects your situation.