“Ann and I have been with the Cheng Begg team at Richardson Wealth for over ten years. Frankly, our retirement plan was in poor shape when we transferred it over. We had a portfolio of poorly performing mutual funds burdened with high management fees and hidden charges. What a change from then to now. Our portfolio is making money and we are blessed with a five-person team dedicated to preserving that money. They are intelligent, they work hard and the fact that they are darned nice people is just a fantastic bonus. We are richer because we know them, and not just in the monetary sense.

— BM & AM

“As we all have experienced COVID has been a lonely, insecure and frightening time for our families and ourselves. My husband and I have undergone several life changes over the past few years, My retiring, leaving the city and renovating a Century farm house 45 minutes outside of Toronto. COVID brought me many sleepless nights, worrying about the health and safety of our children and grandchildren but also the health of our investments for our retirement. I had opted not to look at our portfolio. I was very touched and surprised to have constant updates about our portfolio. I am not talking standardized email, I am talking personal emails. A particularly well timed phone call from Jenn that suddenly had me sleeping again at night. Thank you Jenn. A few weeks later a personal call from Serena with her upbeat “Hi just wanted to check in to make sure you guys are doing ok. Tell me everything.” We are so thankful to have this amazing team, each and every one of them taking care of us. What they have managed in these uncertain times is nothing less than remarkable. I still worry about the health of my family but have no worries about our financial health. Thank you so much Team Cheng Begg.“

— DS