Our services

Objective advice.

At Richardson Wealth, we have the freedom and flexibility to customize investment solutions for our clients without bias. We are not pressured to recommend or hold any particular product or platform. Instead, we have the resources and support we need to serve our clients’ unique needs objectively.

Sound investment strategies.

We take a long-term focus with our clients’ investment portfolios by combining income-bearing blue-chip stocks and fixed income vehicles with active, daily management that identifies opportunities for growth. Prior to buying and selling securities, we identify our entry and exit points based on proven analysis of the price history of each stock to eliminate emotions, which fits our objective-based approach. For more risk tolerant, heavier growth-oriented clients, we add high-potential positions and assess certain financings in small-cap companies.

Comprehensive wealth planning.

Your investment portfolio is part of a wider plan to help you achieve your financial goals as you navigate life’s milestones from major purchases and family interests to career changes and retirement. As an entrepreneurial team under the Richardson Wealth umbrella, we have access to in-house expertise including — tax and estate planning, insurance and philanthropy experts — to make sure your wealth plan is broad in scope but accounts for every detail.