Investment process (image of chess pieces)

Many financial institutions separate the individuals who know the client from the individuals who manage their money. Having relationship specialists that you speak with as well as different specialists who make decisions with your money can work very well.

Our team does both. Our passion is to both understand our clients intimately and also analyze and manage the securities they own. Security analysis is widely available, and information on financial markets is plentiful. The challenge isn’t finding financial analysis. It is developing and applying your own analysis and discipline in an ocean of information. It is reducing the massive amount of financial information to what is important and making decisions based on that. Investment mandates that are unique or specialized can be managed by third parties and incorporated into the investment strategy where appropriate. This leaves a hybrid of our own stock, bond, and tactical investment process with complementary third-party mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and accredited offering memorandum solutions. Individual securities are transparently held in each client portfolio. Together this integrates into a distinct and robust overall investment solution. We believe that the financial team you are forming the relationship with, can also apply the investment universe of opportunity best to your situation by both knowing you, and actively managing the investments purchased for you.

Our team is complemented by Richardson Wealth’s in-house professionals providing market research, trading, tax, insurance, estate planning, and administrative services to us and our clients. What that means is there’s no hand-off or relationship managers, we’re your touchpoint through every part of the investment process.

Chess piece: Queen Chess piece: King

1. Understand you

Listen to what you want to achieve, how you are investing, and what matters to you.

Map out your current financial position. Through the planning process determine how your financial assets can meet your long-term goals. See what kind of investments and risk profile matches both your personality and the financial objectives you have.

Chess piece: Rook

2. Investment policy

Create a document with the asset mix, diversification, tax considerations, and investment models that most likely suit your financial plan.

Chess piece: Bishop

3. Implement

Consolidate your portfolio, optimizing the tax-efficiency of accounts where possible.

Discretionarily apply the securities appropriate to your situation in your various accounts.

Chess piece: Knight

4. Ongoing management and monitoring

Continually and proactively manage the investments in your portfolio in accordance with your objectives and Investment Policy Statement, taking into account constant changes in the investment landscape.

Provide online access to your daily account values, statements, tax information, financial plans and reports.

Provide semi-annual consolidated performance analysis for comparison to your financial plan, to permit accountability of results.

We do the administrative, planning, evaluating, implementing, creating and reporting work, enabling you to enjoy what is most important to you.