Financial planning (image of hands on laptop)

Traditional wealth planning software tries to put you in a box. It assumes your circumstances are fairly static, predictable, and that you have a good idea of what will happen in the future. Scheduling time with a specialist outside of your main financial advisory team to learn about your situation, and then provide them with all the documents they need often means you won’t see a final plan for months. That plan is often limited to the scenarios you thought most likely weeks or months before and often needs the plan creator to interpret any written material eventually provided to you. Chances are that after it is delivered, you won’t look at it again.

That approach doesn’t work for us. Clients are unique, financial needs and goals evolve and we want to be able to approach the wealth planning relationship collaboratively.

Our in-house software gives us the flexibility to map out your financial situation collaboratively with you online through Webex. You can see the effects of the personal information you provide and the potential financial outcomes of decisions and various scenarios. The visualization of your cash flows and assets over your life often leads to better and deeper questions about what you really want to accomplish and the financial solutions that make it work. Our software helps determine appropriate returns and the risk tolerance for losses associated with those returns. It can help determine outcomes from different employments, pension payouts, insurance funding, disability, education requirements, or property decisions. It’s about transparency and confidence in your plan — the very real confidence of seeing the entirety of your financial picture and how it can enable your lifestyle.

It’s a different, inclusive approach to financial planning.

Goals and objectives: input for the plan


Solutions and action plan are comprised of Tax & financial planning, Retirement planning, Estate planning, Insurance solutions, Business succession, Philanthropy



From there we leverage Richardson Wealth’s in-house team of tax, insurance and estate planning professionals and create a wealth plan that guides your investment portfolio, monitoring and adjusting as you move through life’s milestones.