Financial Planning Questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help measure your confidence that your retirement plan is on track. It also identify areas that could be improved and provides us with a basic framework to give you the best advice possible.

Press submit below so that we can contact you and discuss strategies that will help your situation. We will also provide you with a consolidated summary of the results to use in comparison with your own.

This information will remain confidential and is a vital first step in laying the framework for your personal financial plan.

Do you have a personal financial plan in place? *
Do you know what amount of investment assets you need to retire comfortably? *
Do you have an approximate goal of what your after-tax retirement income needs to be? *
Does your employer provide you with a pension plan? *
Do you know your approximate annual household expenses? *
Have you assigned yearly savings and contribution targets? *
Have you determined reasonable investment return benchmarks? *
Do you make contributions to your investment accounts consistent with your plan? *
Are your investment returns consistent with your financial plan? *
Are you satisfied with your current investment discipline? *
How often do you check your investments? *
Is your investment strategy tax-effective? *
Are you currently using an income splitting strategy? *
Are you tax-effectively funding your children's education? *
Do you have a current Will that accurately reflects your wishes? *
Have you considered the use of trusts? *
When was the last time you reviewed your insurance needs? *
Are you comfortable that your family would have sufficient income if the primary earner unexpectedly became disabled or passed away? *
Do you feel your advisor understands your situation and works in your best interest? *
Do you receive sufficient reporting and communication about your investments? *
How do you feel about the advice you have been getting? *
*Required fields