“We are very grateful for all that you and your team do for us that contributes to our being able to live the privileged life we lead; and also for being a competent, steady and encouraging influence in ensuring that our daughter also, hopefully, be able to attain the same advantages in their lives. Our daughter tells us often how grateful she is that she has all of you to consult and to nudge her and her husband to do the things they need to do to fulfill their long term goals. It sounds like she consults Cameron quite regularly, and we are so happy that she feels that she can do that as he (and your office in general) has become a true touchstone for her....one that we know is very important to building her confidence and independence apart from our guidance. Thank you for being such an integral part to her (their) financial progress.”

— L.L & D.L

"A few years ago I attended a Financial Investment class offered by Brad Gustafson. Unlike other presentations I previously attended, Brad spoke with a higher level of knowledge and wisdom unlike anything I had heard before. I learned a lot that day and decided to schedule a meeting to discuss the possibility of becoming a client. Taking those steps has proven to be a great decision.

Soon thereafter I began the process to becoming a client. I appreciated the numerous meetings and the level of service provided to align my financial risk tolerance to my financial goals. Brad and his experienced team provided a comprehensive and complete list of services that ensured all my needs were met. The above culminated with a clearly defined and achievable plan to my financial freedom and success.

One of the greatest client benefits I value and appreciate is the level of communication between Brad, his team and the client. I look forward to receiving his informative newsletters, impromptu emails and phone calls.

Thank you Brad and team for being such wonderful people, the high standard you hold yourselves too and how well you serve your clients. I am very blessed and grateful to be served so well."

— B.C.

"Brad has often said that he considers his clients to be family. As a client, I’ve experienced a level of care from Brad and his team which demonstrates that level of commitment. Brad and everyone in his office are supremely professional and very responsive to any and all questions and requests.

My understanding of financial planning continues to grow with every in-person meeting and information-filled newsletter. I appreciate Brad’s ongoing pursuit of knowledge and expertise, and I recommend him highly."

— R.P.

"Brad and his team have always been helpful and professional in all they do. We became friends/clients of Brad and his team when we first moved to Calgary From Saskatchewan in 2005. It has been a pleasure to deal with them, we are extremely satisfied with the work he continues to do on our behalf. Don’t hesitate to deal with Brad and team, you will not be sorry to have them."

— M.S. & T.S.

"I have had the pleasure of having Brad and his awesome team looking after my family for over 10 years. Their customer focus and dedication to my family has been over and above even my expectations. Our family went through a major crisis a few years ago and Brad was right there lending a hand and his expertise. His guidance and his teams support helped us through a very dark time. It’s rare to find an organization that is so family focused, extremely helpful and always cheery.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a financial advisor for themselves or their family. You will be so glad you did."

— L.C.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Brad and his team for the past year. From the very start, it was very apparent that we were dealing with a high caliber full service investment firm that is a cut above the rest. They made our transition effortless! The Richardson Wealth group (and associated partners) oversee all my families affairs from managing our near term & long term investment strategies, retirement planning, post secondary education for my daughter, personal and corporate tax and estate planning.

I would highly recommend Brad as an investment advisor. He is not only a very seasoned investor and someone I whole-heartedly trust with my families investments but also a genuinely good person who we consider a close friend to the family."

— S.S. & R.S.

"I recently had my first annual meeting with Brad since moving to his firm. I didn’t know what to expect but I did know from previous meetings that all would be organized, efficient and easy to understand. It is obvious that Brad cares about his clients – in meetings, you have his undivided attention and you never feel rushed. I feel incredibly fortunate to be working with someone who cares about my future retirement as if it were his own. I don’t have a high risk tolerance so the way Brad manages my portfolio leaves me with a strong sense of confidence and peace of mind. Brad’s entire team is capable, competent, professional and caring. They take care of everything so I don’t have to worry and I can enjoy my life. Brad also presents information sessions at my place of work. I don’t miss a one as I always learn something – he is capable of presenting what might be considered dry material in a way that is entertaining and informative. It’s also another great opportunity to interact with his team and feel connected with the Richardson Wealth family!"

— S.J.