Our vision

Peace of mind

Investing should not be a stressful activity. With an open, honest and ongoing dialogue, we establish the strategy that will help you achieve your financial objectives and allow you to sleep well at night. Providing you with a customized, cost-effective, tax-efficient strategy makes it easier to block out daily news and noise that does not affect your personal financial plan. We stay in touch to learn when there has been a major event in your life, such as job loss, purchase of a new home or cottage, birth of a child or grandchild, retirement, severance, etc. so that we can make any necessary adjustments to your strategy.

Long-term view. Investors need to have a long-term horizon, a minimum of five years, because markets fluctuate and our objective is to buy low and sell high. Countless studies show that investors do not get the returns generated by the market. They try to get in and out based on the news of the day and miss strong upward movements that occur without warning. If you are close to retirement or retired and don’t think your should have a long-term view, remember: 65-year-olds today have a very high probability of living until they are 85. They must invest with that 20-year horizon in mind.

Cash flow. When we are working, we receive a monthly paycheque which we use to pay for our lifestyle expenses. This requirement does not change when we are retired or semi-retired. We build portfolios for clients to generate significant amounts of cash flow. Markets fluctuate, but the cash flow into the portfolio is consistent and dependable from interest, dividends or distributions – sources of income you can count on at regular, predictable periods. We seek investments that increase their dividend annually, providing additional cash flow to maintain purchasing power. Owning quality companies that continually raise their dividends outperforms market averages over long periods.

Minimizing income taxes. For many Canadians, income tax is their largest expense. It doesn’t disappear when people retire or semi-retire. Reducing taxes provides people with an increase in disposable cash flow that improves their lifestyle. I build tax-efficient portfolios and, as a professional accountant, provide tax strategies such as spousal loans; dividends versus interest; and flow-through partnerships that reduce taxes.

Charitable giving. As a specialist in charitable giving, I help my clients to ask themselves questions like, "What do you want your money to accomplish?” and, "What do you want your life to have been about?” I help clients to support identify the charities that reflect their values and support them in a focused and strategic way that is rewarding and tax-efficient.