Why clients choose to work with Dalton Investment Partners

“I have been working with Blake for almost 20 years. Throughout that period, I have found Blake extremely knowledgeable, responsive and competent. My portfolio has grown through the years and at each step or change in my life, Blake listened to my needs, put himself in my shoes and educated me on the best investment option forward. My portfolio has performed very well and has exceeded market trends, even during the recession. I really enjoy Blake's style and true passion for his clients' financial health. I recommend Blake to any client!”

— Orchid Jahanshahi, Senior Marketing and Sales Management Leader, Pharma

“Blake strongly represents the core values of Richardson Wealth through his commitment to help his clients achieve their personal and financial aspirations, simplify the wealth management process, and deliver results. I am very impressed with his integrity, insight and knowledge, that are apparent in all aspects of his practice, and his clear focus on protecting and enhancing his clients’ wealth.”

— Andrew Marsh, CEO, Richardson Wealth

“Blake has worked with my family for several years, helping us focus on our retirement investments. I really appreciate Blake’s clear communication of his insights, market commentary and guidance on our investments. Furthermore, Blake understands the issues of wealth management that matter to Partners, and his expertise concerning investment Independence is extremely valuable to us. Blake is knowledgeable, proactive and accessible. I would be very comfortable recommending Blake.”

— Chris Cornell, Partner at KPMG

“As a professional my job leaves me without much time to focus on personal financial needs. I am so grateful that Blake has been patient and persistent in his follow up, making sure that our retirement planning receives the expert attention it deserves and letting nothing slip through the cracks, while simultaneously respecting that everything must fit in around my existing time commitments. Blake has helped us get our finances organized, confirmed that we are doing the right things to reach our comfortable retirement goals, and greatly simplified the investment Independence requirements I have as a Partner at PwC. Blake is a dedicated professional, and I highly recommend him, truly we are lucky to have built a relationship with him.”

— Monika Szabo, Partner at PwC

“Blake has helped Rick and I for over 15 years, providing consistent guidance on our investments, clearly communicating his thoughtful market commentary and insights, and offering a steady hand of reassurance during the periods of market volatility. Through it all, Blake kept us on track to our retirement goals with a financial plan that addressed our unique situation and changed as our objectives did. Now that we have achieved our goal and are enjoying our retirement, our focus has shifted somewhat to providing income from our investments. Blake continues to make sure we have a great portfolio that we are comfortable with, and that will fund our retirement lifestyle needs long into the future. We find this very reassuring. We highly recommend Blake.”

— Sharon Carew, PwC (Retired)

“For over eight years, Blake has provided me and my family with investment and retirement advice to meet our goals. Importantly, he has kept me on track regarding the investment restrictions I face as a Partner at a Big 4 firm. My previous advisor was not focused on Independence, and didn’t realize how important compliance is for Partners, which was very frustrating. Working with Blake has been a relief, because I know he understands how to handle these complex issues, he makes our investments much easier to manage, and we don’t have to worry that our portfolio will be offside on the rules. Frankly, it’s a load off my mind. My wife and I trust Blake, and are very comfortable recommending him.”

— Michael Darroch, Partner at Deloitte

“Blake has helped me manage my investment and retirement portfolios for nearly eight years, seamlessly addressing my need to remain independent -- in fact and appearance -- of my and KPMG’s clients. Blake understands how important independence is to an auditor, and makes my compliance much easier. I appreciate that Blake understands how busy I am, and keeps me on track to achieve my most important goals. I confidently recommend him as your investment advisor.”

— Gale Kelly, Partner at a Big 4 audit firm. 

“As a Partner at an audit firm, my constraints, priorities and goals differ from those of people in other professional areas. So, having an advisor that understands my unique financial concerns and needs is a must. With their focus on Partners, Blake and his team have made compliance easy for me and been a pleasure to work with. In addition to managing my investment Independence issues, Blake worked with my wife and I to prepare a financial plan that helped us assess how we are doing in relation to our retirement goals, and has given us confidence that we are on track. The financial plan is a solid baseline to assess our preparedness today and is flexible enough so that we can adjust the plan as our personal goals change. I find Blake’s advice to be thoughtful and detailed, and extremely relevant for my financial and professional situation; as a result, I recommend Blake confidently.”

— Carmelo Scali, Partner at PwC

“As Director, National Sales at Richardson Wealth I have had the pleasure of working closely with Blake for the past four years. I have always been impressed by his hard work ethic and commitment to providing high quality, personalized and relevant investment advice and retirement planning to his clients. Blake is passionate about helping his clients reach their personal goals, and they benefit from his high standards of professionalism, investment management and client service. I’m proud of how Blake exemplifies Richardson Wealth’s principles, and recommend him as an excellent Investment Advisor that clients can count on.”

— Mike Ankers, Director, National Sales at Richardson Wealth

“My wife and I started working with Blake when I made partner after getting excellent feedback from my other partners at PwC. We needed someone who understood how to help us manage our complex independence requirements. His expertise was obvious and we've benefited from his experience and clear communication style in building our investment and retirement plans. We would confidently recommend Blake.”

— Keegan Iles, Partner at PwC

“I've had the privilege of knowing and interacting with Blake for numerous years. I appreciate Blake’s ability to simplify and clarify financial issues, particularly given the complexity of the world we live in, and provide insightful commentary and consistent investment advice. Blake understands the importance of clients reaching their goals, having peace of mind along the way, and is always willing to listen.”

— Michael Nicolo, Partner at RSM Canada

“I appreciate that Blake takes the time to discuss his investment strategies and recommendations and provide meaningful answers to my questions. Blake's ability to communicate the analysis that supports his recommendations and convey his thoughts about the economy, markets and my investments is excellent. Blake and his team have a diligent and strategic approach to the rebalancing of my portfolio which has contributed to my investment results. I have been very pleased with the returns. Prior to my retirement, I was a partner at a major accounting firm. Blake made the independence preclearance and tracking process easy and ensured the information was accurate and provided on a timely basis. This service was invaluable. Blake has earned my trust over the past seven years and I highly recommend him.”

— Anne Montgomery, Partner at Deloitte (Retired)

“Tarnveer and I began working with Blake in 2013. Since then he has provided us with consistent, professional advice through changing market conditions, helping us manage our investment needs today and plan for our successful retirement. The financial planning process Blake took us through was particularly informative, and provided us with clarity on whether we are on track to reach our long term goals. This has given us a solid foundation based on what we know today, and we can revise and adjust the plan as our circumstances change. We appreciate Blake’s dedication to achieving our retirement goals.”

— Tara (Letourneau) Bal, Head of Audit, Risk and Compliance, TTC 

“For over a decade I have trusted Blake to provide me with excellent investment advice, and relied on his team’s diligent research, experience and insight. I really appreciate Blake’s professionalism, care and attention to detail in managing my investments, as well as his ability to communicate clearly about complicated financial issues and answer my questions. Through the years, Blake has helped me develop a financial plan to reach my personal retirement goals, updating the plan as needed to confirm I am still on track to my comfortable retirement. Blake’s commitment to the financial planning process has given me peace of mind that my future finances are secure. I am entirely confident in Blake’s abilities and advice, and highly recommend him.”

— Sara Oates, EVP, Finance and Operations, Canadian Cancer Society 

“Blake has provided a grounded and professional perspective throughout the nearly 20 years that my wife, Lorraine, and I have worked with him. We have experienced market ups and downs, and through it all Blake has helped us steer a stable and confident course towards our retirement. The financial plan he prepared for us has given us a clear basis to determine how we are doing today, and whether we’ll have enough money to last in retirement. We appreciate Blake’s long-term dedication to our family’s financial success, and recommend him to others who are looking for a reliable and dedicated advisor to help simplify their investments and keep them on track to reach their goals.”

— David Costello

“My husband Mike and I have worked with Blake for over five years. We value Blake’s experience creating comprehensive financial plans and building high performing portfolios. Blake is responsive, approachable and knowledgeable. It’s clear that he cares about our financial success. We would highly recommend Blake.”

— Sarah MacGregor