Our principles

Richardson Wealth’s principles are our values. They are who we are as a company. They are how we act, how we behave, and are used to direct our day-to-day corporate decisions. 

Richardson Wealth

We are committed to our clients. 
We understand that having wealth is as challenging as creating it. 
We are committed to ensuring that our advice is unbiased, 
without conflicts and always in our clients’ best interests. 

We are committed to each other.
We are a proudly independent firm with a unique partnership culture 
where employees and shareholders are aligned in our mutual respect. 
We care for each other, our work and our firm.

We are committed to our communities.
We share consistent values outside our offices as we strive 
to be leaders by making our communities better for all.

We are Richardson Wealth.
For successful Canadians and their families.

We are progressive in our thinking.
We are invested in our future. 
We respect and support our mutual efforts to stand apart by offering 
our clients solutions and perspective they may not get elsewhere, now and for tomorrow.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard.
We earn trust by holding ourselves accountable to always do what is right.
With integrity and transparency. Without fail.

We ask ourselves what more we can do.
We always look at all sides of every question.
We challenge ourselves on how we can provide our clients with more:
independent long-term thinking, innovation, and accountability.

We help our clients succeed. 
Our clients’ success is aligned with ours.