Guiding client goal achievement

Wealth management process

Dalton Investment Partners believes that every client should have a comprehensive wealth and asset management plan to guide them. Preparing, executing and reviewing these plans is critical to our clients’ financial well-being. Further, our systematic review process provides a disciplined framework to define and review goals and helps keep our clients on track.

Successful wealth management is an ongoing process. For the Dalton Investment Partners team it involves regular communication with clients, a clear understanding of their current and future financial needs, and commitment to a systematic wealth management process that cycles through six phases. We have been successfully implementing this process for over twenty years to help Canadian families develop comprehensive wealth management plans to realize their lifetime goals.



  1. Profiling — Gather/update information and data to profile the investor accurately, and establish/revise goals.

  2. Financial analysis — Prepare a comprehensive financial plan addressing the current situation, time frame, risk tolerance, goals and expectations, and assess needs for tax/estate planning, charitable giving and insurance.

  3. Asset allocation — Prepare the Investment Policy Statement, incorporating the investor’s asset allocation strategy.

  4. Investment selection and management — Select specific investments and implement a strategy to coordinate with the Investment Policy Statement.

  5. Financial and portfolio review — Prepare and discuss regular customized performance reports with portfolio analysis.

  6. Education — Discuss prevailing market conditions, relevant investment strategies and broader financial matters on an ongoing basis.

“I appreciate that Blake takes the time to discuss his investment strategies and recommendations and provide meaningful answers to my questions. Blake's ability to communicate the analysis that supports his recommendations and convey his thoughts about the economy, markets and my investments is excellent.”  

— Anne Montgomery,
Partner at Deloitte (Retired)

“With their focus on Partners, Blake and his team have made compliance easy for me and been a pleasure to work with. In addition to managing my investment Independence issues, Blake worked with my wife and I to prepare a financial plan that helped us assess how we are doing in relation to our retirement goals and has given us confidence that we are on track.”

— Carmelo Scali, Partner at PwC