Leaders in specialized advice for constrained portfolio

Accounting professionals

As a Partner in the Accounting, Audit and Advisory community you face extreme demands on your time, and are held to a high Independence standard that results in unique and often frustrating investment constraints.

We know that creating a prudent portfolio that meets your needs, while being compliant with Independence, is time-consuming and difficult. In our experience, the combination of Independence challenges and limited personal time often result in sub-optimal portfolios that lack proper diversification, leading to excess risk and/or poor returns. Too often, we’ve seen Partner investment portfolios with substantial cash balances, either due to untimely forced disposals or a lack of available time to research suitable investments.

We believe you deserve a no-compromise investment portfolio. Dalton Investment Partners embraces this challenge and commits to providing innovative and inspired investment solutions. Our team has a highly qualified Portfolio Manager dedicated exclusively to managing your unique investment requirements. Each Partner portfolio is exhaustively researched and carefully analyzed to create risk-appropriate and prudent portfolios to reach your goals.

We reduce the frustration of Independence and leverage your time by: conducting pre-purchase analysis of auditor conflict for all securities; tailoring investments to your professional circumstances, constraints and goals; facilitating trade pre-clearance, holdings reporting and ongoing tracking; and managing Disposal Notices.

“As a Partner at PwC, I face restrictions that make investing much more difficult and time-consuming than for people in other professions. As such, Blake’s unique focus on customized portfolios for Partners is an excellent fit, and one that I really appreciate.” 

— Jamie Mitchell,
Partner at PwC

“Blake has kept me on track regarding the investment restrictions I face as a Partner at a Big 4 firm. My previous advisor was not focused on Independence, and didn’t realize how important compliance is for Partners, which was very frustrating. Working with Blake has been a relief, because I know he understands how to handle these complex issues.”

— Mike Darroch,
Partner at Deloitte