Our services



Clients who invest $2,000,000+ receive our core services:
  • Our full-service wealth management model, which brings you constant access to your preferred professionals, your tax accountant, lawyer, insurance expert and others, to deliver the best possible comprehensive financial advice
  • Our one-stop-shop that supports you to achieve your financial goals through strategic offerings from Canada to across the globe
  • Best-of-the-best investments, carefully researched and selected from a wide universe of options
  • An integrated tax and investment plan
  • Strategies to lower your tax bill plan, implementation, and communication with your tax accountant and specialists
  • Action and accountability at tax time: we deliver hyper-personalized tax checklists and reports of realized gains and losses, t-slips, foreign asset holdings, RRSP contribution receipts, and annual inclusive cost summaries, etc.
  • Educational and premium client appreciation events
  • Facilitating international wire transfers in different currencies
  • Needs analysis and insurance reviews
  • Competitive currency exchange
  • Strategic philanthropy: donation of flow through shares, appreciated securities, stock options, stewardship of Foundations, and more
  • Monthly progress reviews through the onboarding and consolidation process
  • Annual face-to-face or virtual wealth management progress review
  • 24-hour response to phone calls and emails
  • Specialized services and reporting for US persons
  • Facilitation of the separation of assets during marital breakdown
  • Personalized corporate and business investment, tax and estate planning and restructuring
  • Tax and estate planning, retirement projections completed by our team’s Certified Financial Planner, review and summary of your benefits plan and will
  • Exercising stock options as required
  • Highly competitive 1% annual cost, tax-deductible in non-registered accounts


Clients who invest over $5 million with us receive all of our core services plus:
  • Top-priority service with immediate response time to phone calls, emails and mail with value added tax reporting
  • Access to our in-house tax and estate planning team, including estate consultations and wealth plans
  • Coordination and facilitation of family meetings to discuss tax and estate planning and family run businesses
  • Strategic philanthropy: creation of, and ongoing stewardship, through Donor Advised Funds
  • Quarterly virtual or phone wealth management progress review
  • Payment and coordination of tax installments
  • Succession planning and intergenerational wealth transfer, mentoring, and coaching of family members
  • One-on-one introductions to Canada’s award-winning investment managers
  • Highly competitive 1% annual cost, tax-deductible in non-registered accounts