We are committed to lowering your tax bill

Here is a sample of our current strategies:

  • Family income splitting through a spousal loan, family trust, or in-trust-for informal trusts, etc.
  • Advanced charitable strategies: receive double tax credits in the same year, donate appreciated securities and stock options
  • Tax-smart cash flow
  • Tax-free exit strategies: cash out your corporation without tax
  • Advanced pension and retirement strategies
  • Strategies to convert harshly taxed interest income into active business income in your corporation
  • Invest in flow-through shares providing a 100% tax credit towards your annual income
  • Consulting companies to lower your tax rate on income
  • Continual optimization of your registered plans; RRSP, TFSA, RESP, RDSP, etc. for tax-free growth, tax-deferral, and tax refunds
We will make your life easier by offering:
  • Accurate transaction and gain/loss reporting, including adjusted cost base checks
  • Portfolio and tax matching, by confirming every annual transaction to be sure our strategy is accurately accounted for
  • Collection coordination of tax reporting (T5013, T3, T5 etc.)
  • Constant contact with tax experts and accountants during tax time
  • Maximum growth, dramatically lower taxes

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"I am impressed with Alexandra’s approach to overall financial planning, which is comprehensive and includes a focus on tax saving strategies in addition to the overall objective of building wealth. This approach, combined with her knowledge and understanding of the obstacles faced by her clients, and most importantly, the energy, dedication and commitment Alexandra brings to the table, makes her a great investment advisor and estate planner."

- Christopher B. Ferguson
Corporate Director, Internal Audit, Agnico Eagle