Why clients choose to work with us

On service

"Alexandra has listened to what we expected in terms of a relationship and investment risk. By combining this with her research in financial products, she has successfully achieved a much better than anticipated annual return for our investments. This positive accomplishment is exactly what clients seek. Thank you for listening and helping us to exceed what we believed was possible!"
Brian Glover, Vice President, Asset Protection, Stornoway Diamonds

"Alexandra is astute and very knowledgeable and I have a lot of confidence in her. She is also very well-connected and has done a wonderful job of managing everything for me and my family with a great outcome. The Horwood Team as a whole is really value-added – looking after all aspects of our financial health, questioning me, offering suggestions, educating me, bringing in expertise to assist in looking at the whole picture."
– Andrea Sinclair, Former CEO of Sinclair Technologies

"Alexandra has been extremely knowledgeable about where our money would best be invested for maximum growth. We have achieved results with her that far surpassed our previous experience and even what her team had initially set out for us. The care and personal feedback from Alexandra and the rest of the Horwood team has been exemplary, including hosting events with investment managers and their own wealth management advisors.”  
Mark Baker, P.Eng., Vice President, Projects, Noront

"A heartfelt THANK YOU to you and your entire team of incredibly talented professionals for making our lives easier on too many levels to count! You are always right there as the 'Quarterback' of our financial team. Honestly, it was remarkable to think that during the sale of our business and development of our wealth plan, we had up to six incredibly talented advisors working together in sync on our behalf. In the end, we know we have a solid playbook in hand and look forward to many wins with you along the way."

Tracey and Terry Manion, Inspire Consulting

On tax efficiency

Since we started working together I've honestly felt at times that I'm her only client. She is excited about what she does and that, in turn, gets me excited. And it got me thinking about what I want and how I want to get there. Alexandra has completely re-structured my portfolio to turn it into something that reflects my goals and my current personal, financial and professional standing, all in a tax-efficient manner. In a relatively short time, I have seen amazing growth and bigger tax refunds.
James Rickert

On investing

"Her team won’t put their clients’ money into a product in which the team is not personally invested. Through Richardson Wealth, I have exposure to products and market niches that I would not otherwise have through banks.”
Richard Spencer, PhD, CEO, U3O8 Corp

“You are genuine and professional in helping us grow in our investment portfolio. Your advice on our investments is tailored to our needs with a balanced approach, a long-term view as well as a well-thought strategy. We are impressed with your diligent effort and patience in ensuring that we understand the options available for us, hence we make well-informed decisions.”
– Philip Yan, President, GenesisXD Inc.

Today I feel secure knowing that we have an estate plan, appropriate insurance, tax-efficient investments, and a diverse, growing portfolio. Alexandra's own money is invested alongside ours in most of her recommendations. Any time I've had a doubt or a query, Alexandra has thought of it already. I appreciate her prompt and effective follow-up after our meetings, without which many good ideas would have gone by without being acted on. 
– Camille Spencer 

On industry knowledge

"Alexandra is well connected in the industry and as a result is able to give good, up to date advice. When I want to review the portfolio with her, she provides comprehensive data, which is simple to understand, and aids in future investment decisions. I feel that Alexandra seeks the best for her clients and treats their money as if it is her own!"
Jack Vanderkooy, CPA, CGA   Former President & CEO, DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd.

"For fifteen years, we managed our own assets but in recent years we became aware of our need for professional guidance. Alexandra Horwood has been an exquisite companion in this journey. Her constant monitoring and careful adjustments have allowed our foundation to produce significant returns - all of which flows into our charitable projects. Under her careful vigilance we have been able to produce returns that surpass our progress for many years. She has frequently offered better ideas and comprehensive solutions to our unique situation.”  
– Mark Petersen, Executive Director, Bridgeway Foundation

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